Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Love of My (Other) Life by Traci L. Slatton

I really like the idea that in an infinite number of universes my life could be filled with: art forgery, leaked sex tapes, and elder care.  That being said, I approached "The Love of My (Other) Life" like I approach most trashy books--filled with undying hope for a quick read with a potential quirk or two.  Once again I was full-filled.

As we so often see, Tessa Barnum's life is a train wreck.  The book opens with her fleeing from her co-op's manager's repeated demands to pay her overdue bills (3 years overdue).  She runs into the loving arms of Dr. Brian Tennyson (no not that kind of doctor, he's physicist) who she has never met, or has she....

She spends 98% of the book in denial of his insistence of multiple universes, and that in his universe they are married, and happy, and she is not art forger with a heart of gold.

This book  was not nearly trashy enough for my taste, but I kept reading, because I am just like that. I did enjoy the nerdy science jokes, and like having to google "decoherence  theory" (  This author even managed to meld science and religious theologies for bit.

Gem I gleaned:
All we need to do is stand still and let our universe take its course.

Yeah, I could do that for bit.

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